Oh Hey There! Nice to meet you!

I’m Kim DeGraff.

I’m a wife, mother to two pretty great kids, a sister & a friend.

Truly, I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’  and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.  

Matthew 17:20

Welcome to Many Mustard Seeds!

Over 20 years ago, while living in Lynchburg, VA- I was at a total crossroads in my life & I had to make some pretty big decisions. Whenever I am in a season like this -I look for wisdom & guidance, by getting on my knees.  During that time of ‘Pressing in’ to the Lord, I asked what I should do, where I should go.  I felt led to return to Long Island, NY. It was also during this time that a ‘seed’ was planted in me to start a business. What I thought that business would look like then is very different than from today.  At the time, my idea was a brick & mortar coffee shop/ home decor store- but life & seasons sometimes bring us down different paths.  

Today, I am interior designer & on-line retailer. 

When I prayed -“What I should name the business, Lord?”  this scripture popped into my head- Matthew 17:20.  

 Hmm, I thought to myself, well l really don’t like mustard, but I love the idea that even if my faith is small- God can use it & multiply it.

Cue the name: Many Mustard Seeds

I truly believe that God’s timing is always perfect. The last few years- have been exceptionally hard which in turn has given birth to tremendous growth.  It’s very exciting to come into the life that you have been made/prepared for.

Many mountains have been moved & will continue to be.

Let’s move mountains together. Shall we?

This Generation X’er, is living on the East End of Long Island, NY – a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur-  just sharing things I love.

Let’s grow together!

xoxo, Kim